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She’s a confident singer, one worth keeping an eye on as the city emerges from the pandemic.” - Peter Blackstock

— Austin360

"Erica Michelle is doing the thing she loves to do. Simple as that. She started playing guitar and writing songs at 14 in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Listen to her debut EP "Cry About It', and you'll hear the guts, grace and guitar licks that only the Live Music Capital of the World can teach you growing up. The singer-songwriter is influenced by the soul and blues greats, too — truth-telling women like Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Grace Potter and fellow Texan Norah Jones. But the stories on the four-track "Cry About It" are all Erica's own. Sometimes in her memories, she's tasting the cigarettes on someone else's lips, like on "Be There Soon." She's haunted on "Dreams" — "I'm just trying to sleep through the night, but you're always there," she sings in her unmistakable, smoky-smooth tone. Really, dreams are what it's about for Erica. After years of playing original songs around the city that raised her, she's following her soul into the spectacular." 

-Eric Webb, writer at Austin American Statesman 


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